MIBEL Intraday Market

Pursuant to article 63 “Complementary regional auctions” of the regulations informing the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) guideline, those regions that deem it so convenient may supplement the operations of the continuous intraday market by holding regional auction sessions.

In observance of the aforesaid article, the Iberian market operator OMIE and the Iberian system operators, REE and REN, after a period of consultation with the agents, adopted a hybrid operation model for the intra-day market of MIBEL based on the maintenance of existing Iberian auction sessions, incorporating the Spain-Portugal interconnection in a complementary and synchronized way with the XBID continuous market.

The continuous intraday market is in operation since June 2018, if you want to know in more detail the operation of the intraday market, press here.