European Market

One of the strategic goals of the European Union is the creation of a single market for energy. To achieve this objective, between 1996 and 2018 a series of legislative measures were adopted, these measures address market access, market organization and integration, transparency and market integrity, consumer protection, cooperation between operators of the system, etc.

The approval of the "Clean Energy Package" throughout 2018 represents a substantial change for the electricity market of the European Union. Once the first advances towards the creation of the internal market for electricity have been achieved, the new regulation covers the design of the electricity market in a global manner. Its implementation will favor the more active participation of consumers and the decarbonisation of the electrical system, facilitating the incorporation of greater amounts of renewable energy.

OMIE has participated in recent years in the main European market integration projects: PCR and XBID. Both projects are the basis for the single day-ahead and intraday coupling as regulated by Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of July 24, 2015. This Regulation establishes a guideline on capacity allocation and management of congestions. These markets continue their evolution in order to meet the requirements of the new European Regulation on the internal electricity market.