Access Guide

To operate on the market managed by OMIE, you must first register as a market agent. Acquiring the status of market agent involves fulfilling certain prior prescriptive requirements and following an electronic procedure, through which the data required for the granting of that status are submitted to OMIE.
These are the steps to be taken:

  1. Register as a market agent, which needs to be done through Spain’s national grid operator (

  2. Complete the first form provided on the link “Register New Agents”. Before filling in this form, please read the Access Guide that is available on the link “Access Guide”, and you are advised to do so carefully.

  3. Once the application form for registering as an agent, the New Agent Request, has been properly completed, please send OMIE the powers of attorney of the company that is going to sign the Agreement on the Acceptance of the Rules on the operation of the daily and intraday markets, a photocopy of the company’s tax number and a photocopy of the ID card or passport.

  4. When you receive the digital certificate requested on the first form in the access guide, please complete all the other pertinent forms in the electronic access guide.